Promote making earth-day-crafts as a valuable learning opportunity. Make earth-day-for-kids at your house to develop a
sense of eco-responsibility.

Does your family do any crafts to acknowledge earth day?

If you don’t, it’s a great opportunity to introduce your children to the reasoning behind conservation, appreciation for the beauty of our planet and what we can do around the home to help nurture that beauty.

Recycling is definately one way to create some neat craft projects. Another, is a simple outing that costs nothing that results in a lovely useable object made only from nature.

Take advantage of this day to show your kids (and other older family members as well) how to utilize what is at their fingertips everyday if they just put a little thought into it to create some interesting earth-day-family-projects.

Always take into consideration the age and actual capabilities of the kids, otherwise, they won’t understand or be able to physically do the project.

Create a natural collage. A collage is an interesting visual you can create
from different items all attached closely together on a background. All you need is some clear glue, scissors, and colored
construction paper to get started. Depending on the size of your collage, you may need a sturdier background like a
piece of board for example.

Grab a bag or a basket and go walking. Choose an assortment of leaves, grasses or flower petals. Make them as different from each-other as possible.

You can make a number of things like art for a wall, table placemats, or even a mouse pad. Laminate these items and you
have them for life as a reminder of how beautiful nature can be.

Tie-Dye Earth Day Crafts

When I was a kid, we did tie-dye projects with our jeans and t-shirts all the time.
Our parents got mad at us quite a bit, as we immediately tie-dyed brand new expensive clothing items, and in those days, we
didn’t do it with natural dyes. We used javex which really weakened the fibres. Not only was it harmful to our
skin and the jeans as well which we didn’t realize at the time, but certainly was harmful to the environment.

Natural dyes are the way to go, and you can use a number of fruits and vegetables to create some interesting colors and effects. For any of your earth-day-crafts, use blueberries, rhubarb, beets, carrots or onions for natural colors.

You can boil your veggies to bring out the natural dye and let cool. Use elastics to bunch and secure the sections
you want to dye, and simply dip them. Let soak for a period of time, and dry.

It’s a fun activity and you can really show people why harsh
chemicals are just not necessary.

Got Odd Socks? Make Sock Monkeys

Who doesn’t have an old socks around? I have bags of them, and it’s really quite a mystery how this happens. If not used for earth-day-crafts, t least they have many uses for me from dusters to dog toys.

Why not have the kids made sock monkeys?

Any type of sock will do. Many people use mens’ work socks – the grey, red and white ones.

Black fuzzy socks make excellent penguins as a stuffed animal. All you need is an old white
shirt too to cut out and glue a piece for the stomach. This can be sewed on if you prefer.

Got a button jar? Most of us have those too hanging around for emergencies. Use two black
ones for the eyes, and for the finish? A heavier piece of material cut into triangular shapes
for the feet and the beak.

Use your imagination with a few simple supplies like buttons, wool and other odd pieces of material.
You can make any type of doll or animal you like as an earth-day-crafts activity. Old baby clothes are good for dressing
your stuffed dolls too. For stuffing, you can use fibre-fill, or more old socks!

This is such a good way to promote recycling and explaining to your kids why it is important to repurpose when possible.

Cuffs For Mittens And Sweaters

Everyone can have a little fun with making cuffs for mittens or sweaters. If you’ve got
wool sweaters that are worn, or other large pieces of fabric that can be cut, resewn and
embellished however you want, make some cuffs. This is quite popular right now.

To “felt” means to shrink wool so that it won’t come apart. When that’s done, cut it to size, and fit to the wrist. You can sew it on the existing sleeve or glove, fasten with buttons or use velcro. These are really neat and fun to make.

Tin Can Garden, Coffee Cup Garden

If your family regularly gardens, start with tin cans.

Any size will do. Of all the earth-day-crafts, this is another one of the most popular. It’s so visual and easy for kids. A wonderful recycling project especially for youngsters to start. They’ll be in awe seeing those first seedlings come up through the soil.

Make sure your tin cans are clean and take out any jagged edges with a good can opener, or flatten the inside edge down. You can decorate with paint, stickers, markers, old magazine pictures for labels and a little glue.

Don’t forget to make some holes and add a few rocks for drainage. Find a warm sunny spot and watch your vegetable seedlings or flowers grow.

Educate your children in a way which is mostly fun. That way, they will remember the occasion even better and look forward to doing earth-day-crafts annually.

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