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While all the Nazi officials
Are watching this one unknown to the public young kid, he never lost sight of the man. And who do not know where has he gone. The very next day, Ji Ming quietly sitting alone and Lufthansa early flights came to the Bavarian capital — Munich.
Munich Turkey Street 23 a two200 room all ordinary room, more than a dozen wearing black SS uniforms of the people back and forth in the busy. Their voices are very light. Apparently, they are not willing to disturb inside most of the people in the room. Rinehart Heydrich, this house now hosts ( a few days will not be in the blues ) is lying on the table. Two days later, he received a message that he is very shocked. Starting201 tomorrow, he will not SS security department director. Also, starting from tomorrow ‘s security office no longer belongs to the SS establishment. This come unexpectedly changes make him very surprised. Later, after some learning, he didn’t know the truth. His supreme leader Hitler because of dissatisfaction with the intelligence202 in the Sitelasai rebellion incident on the show slow coma and confusion. So decided to reorganize the intelligence and security, and in the day before yesterday. Hitler has appointed a new security chief. But Heydrich heard, the new director “

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