My daughter flies down the road on her pink bike for the first time without training wheels.  They should have been removed before now, but with a large family, it’s easy to miss things like that. 

The mom in me wants to run along beside her, “watch out for…be careful to…look out for…make sure you…”  But I don’t.  She’s excited and full of confidence.  I think “who am I to squelch her enthusiasm and determination?” 

She has one minor tumble, that has no effect on her determination.  She tells me, “You know, it’s like riding a horse.  If you fall off, you just get right back on and let ’em know what you’re made of!”

She rides for two hours and by the end of the evening, she’s popping wheelies and cruising down the neighbor’s steep drive.  As she zooms by, she yells “checkered flag!!”  then whips the pink bike in for the pit stop so she can swig some water.

I learn many lessons from this inspiring daughter of mine.  She is so full of hope and enthusiasm.  She sees the beautiful things in our world that adults no longer notice, or no longer recognize as we allow the zoom in our lives to take over.  And I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before our society of
“experts” rob her of her innocent God-given belief in herself.

But, instead, I think I will simply enjoy with enthusiasm and confidence, my God-given opportunity to have this special little girl in my life!  

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