Dr. David Rumph | OB-GYN in Bartlesville, OK

Dr. David Rumph, OBGYN and women's health specialist in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Dr. Rumph is a fourth generation physician and a third generation obstetrician gynecologist. His decision to become an OBGYN is rooted in the joy he finds by placing a baby in a new mother’s arms as well as the satisfaction of providing relief and healing through surgery, and in office care, the pleasure of befriending his patients. Under the belief that medicine is as much an art as a science, he has been caring for women and their babies since 1987, affording him valuable incite, wisdom and compassion. His desire to serve in healthcare is a calling and he is convicted to strive for the best. Thus, he is passionate about learning and staying current with the newest developments, and to wisely use that knowledge to guide his patients in their healthcare.

Dr. Rumph and his staff would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your questions or concerns. Schedule your appointment today – we would be honored to care for your health.

Stethoscope image representing ob-gyn womens health care offered by Dr. Rumph in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Optimal Health Strategy

Our goal is to provide a strategy of well-being that will help you to be at optimal health throughout your life. Through a targeted wellness method, our aim is to let you enjoy life to the fullest.

Your needs are different at different stages of life. We target care specifically for your needs, from questions that young women have about the beginning of menstruation, to devoted maternity care for expecting mothers, to pre and post-menopausal care for mature women.

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