Brian Sterling-Vete

Kung Fu

Brian Sparring with Worlds Stongest man Jon Pall Sigmarsson




Brian at Stoney Cove

  • Martial Arts Instructor and Holder of 3 Black Belts.
  • International Consultant Instructor for Weight Training, Body-Building and
  • Weight Training Consultant for PETV and Weight Training for the Sports
    Council’s National Coaching Foundation’s Publication Division, Coachwise for
    ‘Weight Training Exercises – Comprehensive Guides’.
  • Junior Mr. International In 1979.
  • Strength Athlete (Light Bodyweight Class) @ 158 lbs bodyweight 1978 –
    Bodyweight Lying Triceps Extension x 8 reps, Bodyweight Barbell Curl x 7 reps
    (both at 185 lbs).  Wide Grip Chin-ups behind neck with 95 lb dumbbell on belt x
    6 reps – @ 200 lbs bodyweight 1980 – Squat 665 lbs, Dead Lift 525 lbs, Bench Press
    405 lbs, Seated Press Behind Neck 225 lbs.
  • Wrestled 4-Time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson in
    demonstration, Reykjavik, Iceland 1986.
  • Coach to 4-time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson.
  • Fought 4-Time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson at Full Contact
    Kung Fu in a demonstration, Reykjavik, Iceland 1986.
  • Consultant to Healthilife and The ‘Super Bodypower’ Sports Nutrition Range
    Of Supplements, while owning sponsorship rights to The NABBA Mr and Miss
    Universe contests.
  • Author and Producer of ‘The New Dictionary Of Weight Training’ Book and
  • Author and Producer of ‘The Dachau Diet’ В© 2004.
  • Inventor of the ‘Sterling Isokinetic’ В© System Of Exercise.
  • Co-Inventor of the ‘DynaFlex’ В© Exercise System and Device.
  • Author/Creator of the Dynaflex В© Exercise System .
  • Producer of Over 58 Independent and 570 Commissioned Film Productions.
  •  Part of the BBC team winning multiple

    awards as Director/Cameraman.
  • Emergency
    First Response
    – First Aid Instructor.

   One of Brian’s
companies, Physical Exercise Television (PETV), was formed in the late 1990s to
provide training films to sports professionals & governing bodies such as the
National Coaching Foundation, Coachwise & the YMCA.

   PETV now boasts
the largest digital database of exercise footage in Europe and still continues
to produce between 8 & 15 films per year.

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