Importance of Accreditation

Why Is Accreditation So Important? 

Obviously, you want to receive the best possible care that you can.  When you stick with medical facilities that have reputable credentials and accreditation, you can be reasonably sure that they adhere to certain standards, medical codes, and professional ethics.  ” very aptly states that,  

      “If there were no standards, we would soon notice.” 

Having accreditation does not necessarily mean that your doctor or dentist is a miracle worker, but it helps to weed out undesirable medical practitioners.  In addition, many ” will refuse to pay for medical services performed at non-accredited health care facilities.   

Using Accreditation to Gauge Medical Tourism Facilities

Because ” can be such a lengthy and involved process, you can use it as a quasi-litmus test for quality.  Accreditation lets you know whether or not you should entrust your life and health to a physician, dentist, or medical facility.  Hospitals that lack accreditation from international or regional accrediting agencies are worth avoiding.  It doesn’t make sense to travel great distances only to place your health in the hands of someone who doesn’t adhere to well-established and widely accepted medical standards. 

Ask about a Medical Tourism Facility’s Accreditation before Signing Anything!!!

Make sure you ” before you sign any forms and subject yourself to examination or treatment.  Every clinic, hospital, or dental office should be able to tell you what type of accreditation it has, when it received this accreditation, and what it took to secure this accreditation.  If a medical tourism facility holds back information or avoids this question, simply walk away.  Transparency and honesty are absolutely crucial when it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones.

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