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Why do I need to worry about ADA code compliance?

You will decrease your risk of fines or lawsuits – being proactive about
changes can save you money. Because there are variations between State and
Federal laws, you can be in compliance locally and still be sued for noncompliance with Federal guidelines. Additionally, If you want to grow
your business, it’s important to remember that customers can’t buy from you
if they can’t get to you.

Doesn’t State law have to meet Federal accessibility guidelines?

Most people think that would be true. However, the range of adoption can
vary significantly. Some states will adopt some of the federal guidelines
verbatim, may tweak some of the language in the laws (which can change the
meaning) and some laws are completely altered. Some states may not fully
enforce federal guidelines, which can open the door to lawsuits.

I’ve already paid for an evaluation, and the report I got was useless. How
can I move forward without having to pay for another evaluation – I just
don’t have it in the budget?

We will take your current evaluation and expand on it, without an additional
evaluation fee. We will not charge a fee for our services until the planning
phase, at which time we will design plans that include all required changes.
We are here to help your businesses succeed – charging you for a service you’ve already paid for, even if the prior vendor’s work was sub-par, is not
going to help you solve the problem and move your business forward.

I don’t own my building – who is responsible for fixing the ramps and bathrooms in my building?

The owner of the building is responsible for the exterior ADA compliance.
The owner of the business is responsible for the interior compliance as long
as there aren’t existing or structural issues such as counter heights, accessible dining tables, aisles, or restrooms, that would fall on the
owner. If the building owner is ignoring the need for exterior accessible
upgrades, the business owner should make sure he is held harmless against any actions. Another way for business owners to protect themselves is to
negotiate paying for upgrades directly in front of the business in return
for some kind of reduced rent to compensate for the expenditures.

How do I know if the contractor I’ve chosen will be able to do the work and
meet accessibility guidelines?

We follow stringent equirements and peform all work. We are licensed. Once the work is completed, we
will make a final inspection and let you know that it’s okay to release the
final payment to us.

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