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Use Local Search to Boost Your Marketing Results

Local listings are prominently featured in search engine results. see why you should create or claim your listing to ensure it is correct.

QR Codes for Cross-Media Marketing

Learn the basics of using QR codes for marketing.

Find Your Ideal Customer for Marketing Success

Companies often have a difficult time marketing to broad markets. Define your ideal customer to really focus your efforts.

Do I Really Need a Website?

There are many reasons that most organizations need web sites. This article discusses some of the top reasons.

Are You Old?

Old and young in many ways is a measure of how we live rather than chronological age. Make sure your marketing is not "retired in place"

When Social Media marketing goes awry: “Cat-gate 2010”

It all started on Thursday December 9 th   An employee of Chipotle Mexican Grill rumored to be a manager posted a status update on her personal Facebook

5 Marketing Goals for 2011

What are your plans for your marketing budget for 2011?

Local business Marketing: Use Activities to Bring in Traffic

In local business marketing, live events with customer participation can provide an experience catalog and online competitors cannot match.

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