I still remember north face sale the day he has just had to shenzhen. That day, let me really understand what is called survival. Because mother relationship, after graduation, I went to shenzhen, give up in a foreign company work, in the mother’s company help. The so-called company, is in fact that leather company. My mother and I have her several with fanciful dreams to shenzhen relatives, also be her company’s employees together in shenzhen, a farmer room inside, busy day, and of a variety of people meet. With mother words, business is north face jacket such, talk out of touch out. My mother during my four years of age, in my life, then disappeared in me when I was 18 and suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. For me, teenage mother in my imagination inside, is a mysterious and intimate characters. So when she said, I hope that after graduation, able to shenzhen for help, I do not hesitate to go. Remember when my father didn’t say denali jacket anything, he is always like that, whenever I want to decide what to do something, he always say nothing, even after I touch that came to stand in front of him, he still say nothing. I still remember the summer, I was carrying a box, came to office, is also mother both residential place. Mother was the first thing, why do you wear so not good-looking. That day, I was wearing a simple white shirt, and a long flower skirt. Mother always suspicion I grow not north face outlet beautiful, because of that in her eyes, it is hard for me to find a rich boyfriend. Look very young mother said to me, in a stranger’s in front, don’t say I was her daughter, this year, a woman has to do business, here get on, don’t let them know age, don’t let them know marital status will be more cost-effective. At that time, I sincerely want to, this never lived with his mother, she once experienced too much MAO tough day, I should help her. So I agreed. The next day I start slowly understand columbia jackets life difficult. I live in the house opposite, live is those from hunan migrant of collective dormitory. Every day will see them’s time, many people are holding a bowl of rice, with a bottle of pepper sauce, with relish eating. Our lives are not rich. I found that my mother what business do just to make money, even if it’s just a little. Although please others when you eat, my mother always rob to cover up a list, but at home, every meal always save to only a north face womens vegetarian, a volunteers. But my mother is that, even if only two dollars in my pocket, but also in the presence of others pose as a millionaire so gracious man. This also is, until now, raced back around, she is still in the use of such methods to live. My mother often suddenly disappear fleece jackets for a period of time, so the landlord will find I am come to rent. All his relatives everyday want dinner. One day, my pocket to only two dollars, watching them, look at this place, I really want to cry. Because I don’t know, this two dollars with after tomorrow, how to live. Mother is lost, I have to make your own money support this home, also support myself. By classmate relationship, I received a single gift business. I still remember me and my discount north face classmates, run to other people’s factory inside and others talks up. But others soon penetrated my bottom line exactly is how much, this contract signing a little added indignity. But somehow have some money earn, the in the mind noodles have already been regarded as very satisfied. On another occasion, my mother didn’t know where drag to 100 boxes drinks, from the northeast carried to shenzhen. And she suddenly whereabouts unknown. I found a warehouse wrong-footedvt to put the drinks store, but start for warehouse fee to worry about. Czp

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