Finishing the season with a bang…….from donnas air vest!!!

7:55am, Tuesday 11th of December 2012, by Simone Kann


We finished the season with a bang……….from Donna’s hit Air air vest!!!!

Ashleigh Mkinstry and her fantastic little horse  won the 3 star Pioneer Makokomiko in fine style ahead of Just Chocolate with Donna on board, 3 rd was Simon Gordon on then Moochi and Danni Lodder ahead of Heelan Tomkins.  Richie “aka” Sensation led the dressage but unfortunately in Donna’s words “I got it wrong” and they had a fall at a galloping fence in the main arena. Donna and Richie were both ok. Thanks to NZ Hit Air Vest that Donna always rides in, we do believe that without that on Donna may not of been so lucky. You can get your own Hit Air vest from Kate  Richie was bounding around on the lead rope an hour later when the girls took them all out for a pick on the grass ad is now in his paddock feeling very embarrassed.

In the 2* Shelley Ross rode Jess  Feilds Coalrain Coal town for a super win on their Winning dressage score, 2nd was Sam Taylor Leo Vegas then Donna on Britannica MVNZ followed by Henton Executive.

Tess rode Drums n Roses in the 1*, they had a super run xc but unfortunately had to withdraw the Sunday morning with a bruised sole.

Saturday night we had some cool entertainment with Hayley Pickmere bringing in the Bull ride(mechanical). Sheer good value. Hayley asked if Donna and I would do the commentating, so we also took it on board to get some team captains and form a team competition…….Donna and Tom Lane commentating, Sam Taylor and I were scorers and Abby Lawrence on the calculator:J

Things we remember on Saturday night…………..SKIN TO FUR

 Campbell Draper in Stubbies on the bull then Campbell draper in Kelsey rothery’s boxer shorts on the bull……

Kirsten Kelly PRICELESS in every way

Tinks Pottinger disappearing under the deflated trampoline……..5 minutes later reappearing when someone managed to blow It back up!!!

Shelley Ross…….. whipping the bull into shape dressed like “man from snowy river” for her team members the “crack a woodys” which managed to be 2nd highest place overall.

Tom Lane……… riding the bull backwards

Danni Lodder……I have no words

Rod Winchester….. Showing a majority of the riders up by riding the bull for 23 seconds.

Top placed team was the North Island team(puss in boots) which consisted of Kate Wood, Clarke Johnstone, Kelsey Rothery, Campbell Draper…………….they may have had someone else but towards the end of the night things were getting pretty blurry!!!!!!!!Sorry if there was a 5th member, please forgive us.

What was also a blur was weather Kelsey or Zoie Gray actually got top score on the bull for the lady’s……Campbell Draper was clear cut for the guys (the mechanical bull owner even came up to us and said “Hey that fella in the chick’s shorts,  he can ride hey bro and should be the winner ”followed by possibly Simon Gordon or Marcel Vert Smith  I think?


Im sure there were many more memorable moments but towards the end of the night it was a free for all in the entertainment area with the night finishing up in the early hours of the morning for some.

We were pretty busy leaving for Puhunui on the Wednesday so Donna packed the food for us….a couple of weeks ago Tracy Smith said to Donna, Her worst nightmare was having her on Sensation in the dressage arena next to her(Sensation can sometimes get quite play full and squeal quite loud while doing acrobatic work. This in turn, usually results in setting the horse in the arena next to him off!!!!! Well my worst nightmare is Donna going to the Freezer and mixing up our food with Grahams dogs mince. Now my background growing up with our family pet shop where we sell fresh dog mince finally paid off… this did not look like Prime beef mince to me, it looked a lot like beef for the dogs………And it was, but it took  Greene to read the fine print on the bag saying Bombay pet foods!!!!  No enchiladas’ for Thursday night then.   

Big thank you to Diana for feeding all our ponies at home and keeping them happy with full bellies.

Our ground crew for the weekend of Tess and Greeney with the help of Andie Gibberd who has been with us in the school holidays for the last 3 years, thank you guys your all amazing.

For us now it’s a very exciting time, as our house is ready to move into(perfect timing). Its so nice to have our own house and a place to call home. Scoutie and Fee love it, especially Scoutie who is now allowed to roam around unattended 24/7.




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