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Yoga is many things to many people. As I understand it, yoga is about coming home to things as they are. Yoga practice can serve to reveal what is under the surface of our lives, both our freedom and our limitations. Consistent yoga practice can make us stronger, more flexible, energized, and balanced in all aspects of the self (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Our practice roots our awareness in the present moment, where the body and breath act as the central vehicle towards awakening and liberating our own unique truth.

In my public classes, my passion for Buddhist psychology, awareness practices, and music sets the container for an inspired and reflective yoga class where students are invited to deepen their own sense of embodiment. Inspired by the Anusara, Iyengar and Vinyasa (flow) yoga systems, classes focus on the stabilizing strength of our core, detailed alignment principles, and the penetrating practice of letting go. My classes also weave the spirited teachings of the yoga sutras with a moderately challenging asana (postures) practice.

I have studied with teachers such as Maritza, Richard Miller, Tias Little, Tony Briggs, and Nikki Estrada. I am also a graduate of the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. I am deeply grateful for my teachers for their unwavering commitment to this practice of awakening our true nature.

I offer private yoga sessions for individuals or small groups at my Mill Valley office or in other locations at limited times. Private sessions can freshen a stale routine or start one from scratch. I am experienced at working with injuries and other assorted limitations, so each session is catered specifically to your needs.

I currently teach public classes in Yoga Works in Larkspur and the Body Wisdom Studio in Pt. Richmond. For my most current yoga class and workshop schedule, check the Classes and Workshops page.

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