I’ve heard that generic xanax is a highly addictive substance, how can i protect myself?

It is true that Generic Xanax is a highly addictive substance, both physiologically and psychologically. Also known as Alprazolam, Generic Xanax is known as a controlled substance for the use of anxiety and panic attack treatment by any individuals crippled with anxiety and not able to enjoy daily life and take part in relationships. The body’s central nervous system is slowed down by Generic Xanax. GABA neurotransmitters are also slowed down to relieve symptoms common to anxiety, including increasing tension, stress and nervousness that create situations of gloom and doom, hindering the ability of people to even leave their homes.

Addiction starts when individuals get addicted to the relaxing, calming and tranquil feelings that overcome them while on Generic Xanax. Individuals then come to the conclusion that taking an increased amount of Generic Xanax will give them more of those feelings. However, all it does is increase tolerance and ultimately dependency on Generic Xanax.

Once addicted to the medication, it becomes very difficult to come off of the medication and once off, there will be a high prevalence of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary depending how high the Generic Xanax dosage was and how often it was being taken, but often include insomnia, confusion, nausea, joint pains, sweating, and tremors.

To protect yourself from addiction, here are three simple steps:

  1. Talk to a medical professional about the right dosage of Generic Xanax to take and do not change the dosage amount or times per day of taking the medication without speaking first to a medical professional as it can increase the likelihood of tolerance and dependence.
  2. Do not consume Generic Xanax for long term treatment of anxiety. It is recommended as a short term medication. Couple Generic Xanax with other anxiety reducing tips (such as exercise, diet changes, and meditation) so you will not be completely dependent on Generic Xanax.
  3. Do not immediately stop using Generic Xanax but converse with a medical professional on how to taper your body off the drug. Increased withdrawal symptoms can increase the likelihood an individual will go back to taking Generic Xanax.

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