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How to buy Tramadol across the United States border crossing
into Mexico. Tramadol is a moderate to severe non-opiate
type of pain-killer. Often Tramadol prescribed for people
with different types of ailments like Arthritis,
Fibermialgia, chronic pain, and many more type of pain.
Unlike the very addictive types of Opiates Tramadol doesn’t
have the same addiction problems. There are withdrawn after
extended times of use with large dosages. However, the
withdraws are not so severe as to consider them life
threatening like Opiate withdraws.

In Mexico obtaining Tramadol is easy. To buy Tramadol all
you have to do is walk into the local pharmacy and ask the
pharmacist for some Tramadol. In Mexico the pharmacy do not
need people to present drug prescriptions. Prescriptions are
not even heard of as a way to get your prescription filled.
Pharmacist are actually very skilled when inquiring about
medicines. Mexico has much looser laws about the process of
getting drugs prescribed. 

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How to buy Tramadol across the border is often a subject
that can get people in trouble. While buying Tramadol across
the United States and Mexican border is not illegal, it is
illegal to come back across the border to the United States
side with the drug. The Pharmacy in Mexico will not tell you
that crossing the border is a Federal Crime. Federal Crimes
are very serious crimes. The government is the one actually
prosecuting the person charged with federal crime. Sentences
are often very lengthy and fines are very high. An offense
that litigated can cost tens of thousands of dollars to give
defense from an attorney.

When you buy Tramadol from Mexico the only way to stay with
in the law is to use the Tramadol while there in Mexico,
Bringing the rest of a prescription back across could cause
an individual to be charged with a crime. Often people who
abuse and profit from drugs like Tramadol get them from
Mexico. When crossing the Mexican American border these drug
dealers often hide the drugs in articles purchased in
Mexico. When coming back across the Mexican American border
the drug dealers are often searched. When Mexican
authorities search these drug dealers they often find the

When a Mexican authority finds drugs on a suspected drug
dealer crossing the Mexican American border they are quickly
hauled off to Mexican jails. The risks involved with
transporting these drugs are extreme. The mistake of people
who don’t know that they are doing anything wrong purchasing
Tramadol and coming back across the Mexican American border
is often a tragedy. Most people don’t have a clue they have
done an illegal act. The Mexican and American governments
look at the act as ignorance is no excuse of the law.


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