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In the volatile world of finance and investments, businesses and financial managers often have questions and concerns. That is why it is important to have a qualified and experienced firm such as Rockfire Capital Ltd to turn to for key insights into the market. Their experienced team of professionals and advisors have helped people and companies in a wide range of sectors achieve significant returns and desirable results. They can guide sophisticated investors towards unique opportunities that will help them diversify their portfolios and manage their risk and exposure.

Liam Kavanagh RockfireOne vehicle recommended to certain investors by Liam Kavanagh, Rockfire Managing Director and his team is the collective investment scheme (CIS). This process allows investors to pool their resources, leveraging the advantages of economies of scale in a variety of ways. Investors who work together can often afford to hire a professional manager to help them manage their risk and give advice based on knowledge and experience to achieve better returns. Additional capital also means better diversification, which is another risk management strategy. Rockfire Capital advises investors on a variety of collective investment schemes, which are often tailored according to certain criteria, such as location in a particular geographic region or companies in a cutting-edge industry sector.

Other investors turn to Rockfire Investment management for advice on unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS). These vehicles are often used by sophisticated investors who have particular goals in mind, but they do not follow the FCA’s rules regarding certain factors such as asset spread, liquidity, and cash reserves. Even though these vehicles are not specifically FCA-authorised, an authorised manager can still carry out these regulated activities within the context of the rules, such as giving personal recommendations, operating the schemes as well as managing them, and arranging deals. The investors who participate are pooling their money, just like in a regular CIS, and they focus on one asset or multiple assets, intending on making a return on the investment.

In looking at these various investment schemes, Rockfire Capital helps clients make informed decisions about which vehicles make sense for them. This advice includes suggestions about ways to reduce taxes. Note that tax evasion refers to an illegal activity, whereby individuals do not declare all of their income for tax purposes. Tax avoidance, though, is legal, and Rockfire Investment management helps people find investments that allow them to take advantage of parts of the tax code to ensure they are paying the lowest amount of taxes available.

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