Butterfly attracting annual flowers with fragrance.

Annuals for Fragrance

-Ageratum houstonianum
-4 to 12 inches. mounded habit
-edging, border
-lavender, blue. pink or white
-full sun or part shade
-Heliotropium arborescens
-12 to 18 inches tall with similar spread, rounded habit
-bedding, border, and containers
-violet, purple
-full sun
-provide with abundant moisture during dry periods
-Lavendula angustifolia
-12 to 24 inches tall. rounded growth habit
-rock gardens. cut flowers
-lavender or purple flowers
-full sun
-avoid heavy soil
-may survive over winter (perennial in zone 5)
Edging Lobelia
-Lobelia erinus
– 4 to 8 inches tall, spread of about 18 inches
-edging, ground cover, rock gardens
-blue, violet. white, carmine-red
-parual shade (prefers cool, moist conditions)
Sweet alyssum
-Lobularia maritima
-1 to 8 inches tall with a 10 to 1- inch spread
-edging, rock garden, and massing
-white, violet, rose
-full sun to partial shade
-shuts down in extreme heat
Flowering Tobacco
 -Nicotiana a1ata
-19 to 24 inches (some species to 5 or 6 feet)
-border, bedding. cut flowers
-white, lavender. crimson. maroon, green. pink, yellow
-full sun to partial shade
-provide with adequate moisture

Annual Salvia
-Salvia coccinea, fannacea, splendens
-8 to 36 inches tall, erect to round habit depending on species
-bedding, border, cut flowers
-red, blue. purple, white, salmon, bicolored
-full sun to partial shade
-provide with adequate moisture
– Tagetes erecta, patula, tenuifolia, and hybrids
-8 to 36 inches depending upon cultivar, erect to rounded habit
-cutting, background, bedding, edging
-yellow, gold, orange, bicolored, white?
-full sun
-prefers moist, well-drained soils but is somewhat drought tolerant
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Garden Verbena
-verbena xhybrida
-12 inches tall with an 24 inch spread, upnght or spreading habit
-ground cover, bedding, edging, rock garden, containers
-white, pink, red, blue, lavender, or purple
-full sun
-prefers cool weather

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