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Global Warming….

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If anyone tells you that they don’t believe in global warming, just remind them that we had a tornado forming off the coast of Malibu last night. And just a week or so ago, a tornado touched down in Vancouver where I grew up. I was amazed when the federal government would not allow California to have stronger environmental regulations. I know there is a calendar online somewhere that shows when Bush is out of office. I think I will add that to my dashboard so at any waking moment I can know when that era will be over. No matter who is elected, they will be better than that administration. Ok – off my soap box and on to work!


Bragging on Chrissy….

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My sister-in-law Chrissy has the coolest job. She works in historical preservation for the state of Oregon. It’s so interesting. I think it’s such a valuable profession and she is excelling so much. She just got interviewed so I wanted to share with you:



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I’m getting caught up on movies in anticipation of the Oscars. But I have to tell you, I am getting more and more squeamish about violence! We saw “Sweeny Todd”, which is fun and gothic, but there were a couple of scenes that made me nervous. We saw “No Country for Old Men”, which was also so GOOD!!� It might be the best picture of the year, but I haven’t see “There Will be Blood” – Tim saw that last week and loved it. Once again, it was so violent and menacing. I found myself closing my eyes to escape in a couple of scenes. I’m not sure if it’s me, I’ve always had a hard time with violence or if the movies are getting worse or a combo.

See “Juno” if you haven’t already – very funny and no violence.

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A Sunny Day in California

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Well, I was telling Tim that we may never be able to afford a home down here, but there are some advantages to living in California! It was so gorgeous today – 78! We’ve been watching football and doing chores all day. Last week we cleared out two boxes of stuff from our closet and our hallway is full once again for the AIDs Foundation store. I�ve been going through my closet to find more things to give away! It�s a nice feeling and we have no room!

I made pfeffernuesse today. They are one of Tim’s favorite cookies and I found a recipe in cooking light. I’m not much of a baker, but they turned out good. I’m making pumpkin ravioli again with Gorgonzola sauce and a side of greens. I want to serve it for a dinner party so I want to make sure I make them right.

Our friends Joe and Monique had their first baby last week. We brought them and her parents lunch and got a chance to meet little Baby Popp. She’s really cute and they are all so happy! I think she will be in to yoga – that girl stretches all over the place!

Enjoy a couple shots of our place and our neighbor cats – Louie and Junio!

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I always vote by mail and I just got my California ballot. I must say, the race really got interesting even though it’s so early. I plan to vote for Obama! After a lot of careful consideration. Frankly, anyone would be better than who we have now!!


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It seemed like we were able to do a lot more than we usually do this year. We saw a nice Christmas concert, went to DC and saw the White House Christmas tree, saw a ton of friends, traveled to see family. Gosh -speaking of traveling, we had the travel day from hell getting to Portland. The flight between Burbank to Portland is 2 hours. So, we got to the airport in plenty of time. Before we could board, they had to ask 5 people to take another flight because we were too heavy. Then, we got on and they needed 10 more to take another flight because of weight – 15 people total. Then, we started to taxi and had to pull over and burn off fuel because we were too heavy. We finally take off and about a half hour in, the captain comes on to tell us that we have a broken temperature gage in the back of the airplane and we need to land in Oakland. He also told us that when there is broken equipment, there are always fire trucks when you land – comforting! We landed and sat on the runway for about an hour. Then, they told us they needed to replace a part and we could get off, but they had to fly the part down from Portland (ironic). 5 hours later, we took off! Let me tell you, the Oakland airport is just not that interesting. We had fun taking pictures and bumming around, but we missed an entire day up in Portland. I didn�t get to see my friend Elizabeth, which was sad!

On Christmas Day, it snowed, which was very pretty. But, for me, who drives in rain about 3 times a year, it was scary driving. I took off early from Tim�s family on Christmas morning. Rich cooked most of Christmas dinner. He and my parents ate prime rib and he and I bought shrimp for me and Tim – Tim didn�t end up coming because of the snow. But Rich cooked up the shrimp with Old Bay and it tasted like a little clam bake!

On New Year�s Eve we watched �Hangman�s House�, the John Ford silent movie that Tim scored this year. It dominated our summer in 2007! I never watched it the whole way through and it was great. This was one of the first films in which John Ford experimented with light on water and other effects so it has a different look than other silent films. We also watched the South Park movie and wrote up a list of fun events of 2007. For me, London, Frasier passing and Tim�s movie had the biggest impact on my year. 2008 brings us Tim�s 40th birthday, our 15 year wedding anniversary, Joe and Moinque�s new baby and if things go well – loads of travel!!!! I also plan to give up turkey next year. I find one meat every year and give it up. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I hate turkey so it�s not a hard thing to give up, but I do cook it for Thanksgiving so I won�t be doing that next year. Rich and I talked and if he comes this way, then we might do a lasagna or maybe a turkey breast and a tofurkey. I also want to learn something new for cooking. If anyone has any ideas about cooking, let me know. I try to focus in on something every year to try to get better. Last year, I worked on soups.

Work will be insane after this small interlude of calm. We are opening an office in Mexico City much faster than expected! And to start 2008 out right – I have a 6:30am meeting tomorrow!

Oh and one last thing, we went to see �No Country for Old Men� on Sunday at the Arclight. What an incredible movie, but be warned, extremely violent! That�s probably an understatement in and of itself. It was one of the most menacing movies I�ve ever seen.

My goodness this is long! I�m waiting for my pictures to upload so I just keep writing and writing! But it is time to stop!

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