Samsung galaxy s5 may not be world’s first phone with 4gb of ram

Samsung Galaxy S5 may not be world’s first phone with 4GB of RAM

After the release of top in tech smartphones by Apple and HTC, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the new feature in the market of high tech smartphones. The upcoming release from Korean company Samsung, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a sequel to Samsung Galaxy S4.There are lot of expectations from this new release, as the hype is building with every new rumor and revelation. Being the sequel to Galaxy S4 which was a top most in the smartphone line up of Samsung, all the new features that Samsung has been working on may get implemented on this new release.
After the last rumors according to which, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz and with an Adreno 330 CPU. It will have an astonishing 4GB of RAM so that it could use the whacking power of the 64-bit chipset. It may be pretty disappointing, but according to some new reports, the device may only have 3GB RAM in it. And may not be world`s first smartphone with 4GB of RAM after all. And this might also affect the 64-bit chipset that could have been a part of Galaxy S5.
Nothing is confirmed so you might keep your fingers crossed till the release of the Galaxy S5 or at least till the next update. However, if it did not come with 4GB of RAM and 64-bit chipset, the overall price of the phone will surely go down distinctly. And thus this might be good news for some at least as they do not have to burn that big of a hole in their pockets. Though it may become a factor in overall sale of this new device, and will also reveal the basic mentality of the consumers.
Whether it is a good news or bad news for you, do not keep your hopes too high, as with every new rumor status keeps on changing and nothing is yet sure. Though, it is pretty much sure that the RAM will not be less than 3GB and with that it still will be one of the best smartphone in the upcoming market. So it is a right time to start saving bucks if you want to enjoy the powerful features of this upcoming release.

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