The never-ending headache


Do you ever have a project that is seemingly simple enough but you dread it with every bone in your entire existence?
If you’re unfamiliar with this phenomena, consider yourself lucky.
My never-ending headache is my wallpaper.
Goodness, Have Mercy, & Geez Louise.
It’s the worst thing to ever occur under God’s blue skies.
You’ll see on my “Life At Abraham Drive” tab,
I neglect to include ANY photos of this horrible kitchen because I actually hate it with all of my dear heart.

My hair & I disapprove of such tasteless walls.

I’m not sure if the previous owners were just crazy or felt inspired to eat healthy by the fruit baskets or what. I’ll tell you right now, I guarantee I’ve lost some weight since moving in the house because the room makes me nauseous… Perfect for a kitchen.

I’d like to give credit to the first person who ever thought of this magical solution but with Pinterest these days, there’s no telling who came up with it. If you’re embarking on your Horrid Horrible Wallpaper Extravaganza, I URGE you to save some time and money & follow the recipe below:

Magical Wallpaper Eraser

1 part HOT (like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike on mute HOTT) Water

1 part Cheapest-You-Can-Find Fabric Softener

Get yourself some plastic to roll out (or not, if you wanna have a slip & slide on your tile) and tape it down real good. This stuff gets messy.
Combine the two ingredients into one of these things…. You can get them from Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, maybe even Dollar General- who knows? I went to my local Shop O’ Daddy’s & he was able to provide me with one from his gardening adventures. How nice, HUH??

This = Life Saver.

Oh! Also- make sure you don’t get crazy mixing these two things with your outlets!  I seriously recommend seeking professional help on this- not me- because I think you’re suppose to turn off power to that room… I have absolutely NO idea what they means other than turning off the lights. But how do you do this job in the dark? My solution- skip that part & then just tape over the outlets with tape…. I don’t recommend this because it seems like it could get dangerous… Nahhhmean???

Disclaimer: Any falls off ladders, stabbings from your little wallpaper scraper, electrocutions from following the above advice, and/or emotional breakdowns and hospitalizations are so not my fault.


Above: Not a good representation of the beauty this stuff can do. No, this beautiful mess was actually the “artwork” of David & his BFF that came over one day to help with this project. It was totally cute but they decided the wallpaper came off best when they would gouge deep lines into the wall & then pull….

This is not a “Before & After” Post, by the way. This is a headache in the making constantly. && you see those 1990s Ghetto Home Alone cabinets?
Yea- Those are next.

So, once you have everything mixed together & ready to go:
– Go ahead and use one of those little scorers unless your wallpaper doesn’t have a thick water resistent layer- mine had one– scoring was necessary.
– Spray this super hot mix on in 2-3 foot sections after scoring.
– Wait or work on the next section for 5 minutes.
– Repeat the Spraying for a total of 3 times.
(I won’t judge you if you attempt to master your way through it earlier, though!)
– Start peeling.
– and peeling.

&& if you’re as productive as me, you’ll be 6 months from the date you started peeling off the wall paper & still #^@$*!$ doing it.

Happy Peeling Peeps,
Kristalyn, xoxo! 

P.S. We got a new member of our home- come back for deets on the little man! He’s a cutieeee!

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