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  • Terms and Conditions

    1. 1. Transactions are made via members’ e-wallet balances.
    2. 2. Payments to Uploaders are made via MPESA and AIRTEL MONEY. Charges by these respective networks will be paid for by the uploaders and NOT
    3. 3. Check Out Transactions incur a transaction fee of Ksh. 1.
    4. 4. Account to Account transfer incur a transaction fee of Ksh. 5. However, You cannot transfer money resulting from your downloads due to the revenue share involved with
    5. 5. Uploaders must pay a commitment fee of Ksh. 500 per semester / term to ensure reliability of the uploads they make and continuance of the same throughout the subscription period.
    6. 6. Complaints and refund requests will be billed to the uploader responsible if finds out that the standards of the resources downloaded were violated. The requests and complaints will only be made upto a maximum of 24 hrs from the time of download.
    7. 7. We reserve the right to refuse uploads regardless of whether subscription payment has been made.
    8. 8. We advise downloaders to download resources that have previews of what to expect so that when they launch complaints, they have valid evidence. We will not refund requests whose downloads have no previews
    9. 9. We only allow cash withdrawal if the transactional balance is atleast Ksh. 1000. Remember, the transactional balance is NOT the e-wallet balance, rather, the amount of money accrued from downloads made out of your uploads.
    10. 10. Our contract with uploaders includes a revenue share of 80% – 20% to their favour on every downloaded resource made.
    11. 11. To recharge your e-wallet for any transaction, kindly purchase scrath cards available at various retail branches in every school or call +254722636424 for assistance.
    12. 12. We only allow a maximum of two uploaders per unit per resource type. Contact +254722636424 for any assistance regarding this incase you find a problem.
    13. 13. We reserve the right to change transaction, subscription and administration fees.
    14. 14. Plagiarism is highly condemned. Uploaders will bear the legal burden in case they are found to violate copyright, patent, trademark, plagiarism and IP laws.
    15. 15. Resources are not sold on a trial basis.
    16. 16. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.
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