Philosophy of soma yoga training

of Soma Yoga Training

May we be
protected Together,
May we be
nourished Together.
May we work
together with great Vigor,
May our study
be Enlightening.
May there be no
hatred between us.

Om Shanti,
Shanti, Shanti.

Yoga Center opened on September 10, 2001; one day before the tragedy
that altered the world forever. In looking back I see how perfect
that timing was – how perfect to have built a center for peace and
unity when the whole world was questioning the reality of either.
How perfect to have created a forum that challenges and expands upon
our beliefs about boundaries, forgiveness and life eternal, how
perfect and how essential.

These past years have been
troubling and yet triumphant for the World. As we are one by one,
thought by thought, breath by breath remembering the truth about who
we are and who everyone else is. We are looking deeper and more
clearly than ever before.

My vision in
creating the Soma Center for Yoga and Meditation was to provide a
haven for growth, liberation and transformation. The teacher
training program is based on my deep desire to create a curriculum
for teachers which preserves the ancient spiritual roots of theory
and philosophy with contemporary methods of healing and psychology.

It has been
said, when this type of sacred yoga is practiced in a group, hearts
unite throughout the universe. The magnitude of light generated by
our intentions, breath and presence dispels present darkness, and
darkness to come.

Love cannot help but grow
in this illumination.

Waking up is
never easy. Especially in those moments in between, when rolling
over and slipping back into slumber seems so right and so what 
in the present moment

is all about.  But how does it feel when we are fully alert, fully
awake, fully excited? Then, going to sleep seems like such a waste
of time. There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to

In my view,
the world as a whole is waking up, we are seeing our connection to
all things around us. This is the time for emancipation.  Magic
exists . . . EVERYWHERE. Miracles happen. . . .EVERY MINUTE. All we
are being asked to do is pay attention, love, be still and know.

Some of us have seen this
magic, have had these awakenings and have felt the desire to go
deeper. This is the place to begin. Thank you for your enthusiasm
and presence.

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