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About Joseph:

I bring 12 years of hands-on and teaching experience into my practice, and had the
opportunity to help people who struggle with: Insomnia, Chronic
Pain, Head aches, Whiplash, Muscle injuries,
MVA’s, Stroke, Paralysis, Cancer, Injury and its rehab. People who deal with
Addiction, and People who deal with depression, those who feel stuck, and those
who seek for ways to unlock their potential. 

Health-care professionals who
wished to improve their own health (self care) and their treatments.
I had the opportunity to help Artists  overcoming creative blocks and
Athletes to improve their performance.

I received training in:
– Certified as Autogenic Training Seminar Leader 2007                 Certified As Sounder Sleep Teacher 2007
– Certified as Feldenkrais Teacher 2000
  Studied Massage Therapy in Ontario (CCMH) 1998 – 1999
  and worked over five years as a Therapist in 
San Francisco         before I moved permanently to Vancouver.
– Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1 through the Upledger Institute

I have taught Feldenkrais and Sounder Sleep Systems many private and public settings.

After I got certified as a Feldenkrais Teacher in 2000.
The method became
more and more the core of all my treatments and integral part of my
daily life.

I provide since 2006  crisis support as a volunteer at the Vancouver Crisis Centre.

Tai-Chi, and Martial Arts are since over 20 years part of my daily
routine, and my passion for nature has allowed me to teach many
people to be comfortable in the woods.

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