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Engineering Material Testing Services


Metals & Alloys
Ferrous, Non-Ferrous-Metals and Precious Metals, Steel,
Tool, Stainless Steels, Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium, Lead, Brass,
Platinum etc by OES/XRF/AAS/ ICP Spectrometers.  

Mechanical Testing
Tensile, Proof Load, Flexural, Hardness, Micro-Hardness, Charpy (ASTM) Impact Tests-Izod, Shear,
Hot Tensile Tests,
Welded Coupons etc  

Grain Size, Effective Case Depth, Phase Studies, Inclusions
In-situ Metallography, Image Analysis, and Failure Analysis  

Corrosion Testing
Salt Spray, CASS, Pitting, Crevice Corrosion, HIC/SSCC,
IGCC test, Chloride Corrosion test, Ammonia Vapour test,
Vibration, Heat Cycle, Thermal Shock, etc.

NDT, Structural and Building Inspection
NDT inspection of vessels, Structures, Piping, Bridges, Old
Fire Ravaged Buildings, Water Tanks, Load Test, Structure
Stability, Corrosion Monitoring…

Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis studies of Boiler Tubes, Condensers, Auto
Components, Hooks, Bolts etc. Polymer components, Root Cause, Recommendations to avoid
Future Failures…

Welded Structure
Welding performance and procedure qualification, Radiography,
Transverse Tensile test, Root, face Bend test, macro examination etc as per ASME or API codes…

RLA Studies
Extensive thickness survey, MPI at critical weld joints, UT of critical weld joints,
In-situ Metallography, Hardness survey etc…

Hazardous Substances & Restricted

ROHS Toxic Metals, Brominated Compounds as required under ELV-2002, ROHS-2004, EU Directive-2002, WEE-2006…   



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