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Summer puts our skin on display, as we bare ourselves to balmy air and warm sunshine. It’s one of the joys of living in Australia. But the Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermatology Specialist Clinic sees the more sinister results of exposure to the harsh Australian sun. And nobody is immune. As we age, the damage caused by those lazy afternoons spent sunbaking, or the days playing and working in the sun, begins to show. Even young people can fall victim to the extreme effects of sun damage.

The Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermatology Specialist Clinic has a multi-faceted approach to skin cancer. Dr Basit Mirza, consultant dermatologist at the clinic, believes that early diagnosis is one of the keys to successful cancer and other skin treatment Brisbane, and while self-examination is important, every person, as they age, should have regular professional checks.

People with particularly fair skin, a significant number of moles, a history of sunburn or a family history of melanoma are likely to have a higher risk of developing skin cancer, but anyone can contract this disease.

Australia’s ‘National Cancer’

The most dangerous type of skin cancer is melanoma, and Australia has the highest incidence of this potentially fatal skin cancer in the world; it’s often referred to as Australia’s ‘national cancer’. But melanoma treatment is actually highly successful if the cancer is diagnosed early. Many people have no idea that melanoma can arise from seemingly normal skin; the good news is that it can now be diagnosed before any symptoms can be noticed.

These are strong reasons to submit to an expert skin check by the Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermatology Specialist Clinic.

Beyond Blemishes

Advances in medicine mean that the Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermatology Specialist Clinic doesn’t just treat skin cancers; they also use the latest medical technology at the Skin Clinic to assist with skin rejuvenation.

This includes the treatment of all the skin blemishes we associate with skin damage and ageing. Brown spots (‘age spots’), facial veins and pigmentation can all be minimised by the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. This treatment can also help to tighten the skin, thereby giving you a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Keep Your Skin Pristine

It’s great to have a range of treatments by expert dermatologists to reverse damage or remove and treat skin cancer. Our grandmothers always said that ‘prevention is better than cure’, and the old maxim is never more true than for skin protection. It is never too late to begin protecting our skin.

A number of years ago, the Cancer Institute of Australia introduced its ‘Slip, Slop Slap’ programme, encouraging the population to ‘slip’ on a shirt, ‘slop’ on the 30+ sunscreen and ‘slap’ on a hat. Generations of young people have benefited from this programme, and it’s now ‘cool’ for kids to wear hats.

As summer approaches and we look forward to lazy Christmas holidays in the sun, the Skin Cancer Surgery and Dermatology Specialist Clinic advises people to cover up when they enjoy the Australian outdoors, and to have regular skin checks to ensure they remain cancer-free and keep their skin in the best possible health.

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